Why “Both Brained”?

In this article, I am going to explain why I picked the name “Both Brained” for my business and the blog.
“I listen to my heart!” “I listen to my brain”. I’m sure you’ve heard this many times in your life. It’s almost like there are two different types of people who listen to their heart and who listen to their brain. The emotional ones vs the rational ones. According to conventional wisdom, people are either left brained or right brained the way they act and think. Right-brained people are supposed to be more creative and left-brained people are supposed to be more analytical. For a while, I was confused whether I was more creative or analytical. I love music, dancing and drawing. I love creating art with fine details. I enjoy getting lost in time while decorating a cake. Same time I enjoyed developing a website from the scratch for the final project of my bachelor’s degree. Before I travel somewhere I don’t know I study the route from every motorway junction to every mini roundabout. I like facts, numbers and logical arguments. I like my office, book rack, wardrobes organised neatly, then contrary to that I can make a big mess in the kitchen and not realise while making some sugar paste figures. Am I neat, or am I messy? Am I good at maths or arts? Am I an introvert or extrovert? Among this confusion for years, about 2 years ago I came across personality tests like Myers Briggs or PackTypes which made me realise that there are some people who are both creative and analytical and display characteristics of using both sides of their brain. This made me understand myself better and I started to like myself as I am.
Marketing was once considered as a right-brain or a creative job but now it requires more and more data and analytics skills. Good marketing needs the right balance which is called “both-brain” approach. Marketers have traditionally worked on a long creative cycle bookended by (often limited) analytics. Testing and iteration have played little part. But progressive marketers are moving to shorter creative cycles punctuated by frequent testing, analysis and revision. The process produces marketing that is more engaging, better targeted, and much more effective at driving results.
I consider myself as a both-brain person and I work in marketing where the both-brain approach is highly appreciated. Hence I decided to name my marketing business, “Both Brained”.

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